Diminishes interior vehicle distractions to driver by keeping child entertained and content with contents of My Lap Box.

My Lap Box is both durable and sturdy enough to accommodate a child’s handheld electronic device.

Promotes child responsibility and independence by packing and having all “their” necessary items for travel.

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Welcome to My Lap Box!!

In 1994, my first child was born. Having aspired to be a stay at home mom, I had come to the realization that this was not going to be as easy a task as I had first thought. This moment was realized when my 1st child began to hold her own bottle and was in her car seat on a two hour road trip to grandma’s house. As we headed out, I buckled my child in her car seat and then handed her bottle to her and placed a small open container of orange, fish-shaped snacks on her lap and off we went. Shortly into our trip she had fallen asleep and I noticed that the container of snacks and her bottle had fallen to the floor. What a mess I thought. However, the mess was small in comparison to what came next. She woke up screaming for her bottle. Unable to drive the car safely and reach for her bottle at the same time I pulled over to the side of the road and handed her bottle back to her along with her snack. As we continued on our way she fell asleep again. This time I had no idea where her bottle went and thankfully it didn’t matter because she slept through the remainder of the trip.

However, upon our arrival as I removed my precious little girl from her car seat, all dressed up in her cute little outfit that grandma had given her I felt wetness down her entire left side. At first I had thought it was her diaper. But no, it wasn’t her diaper, it was her bottle!! The bottle had fallen from her mouth as she fell asleep and it landed with the nipple end down and leaked onto the inside corner of her car seat. To add insult to injury, it made a soaking, mushy mess of the orange, fish-shaped snacks she had dropped earlier. My daughter, for whom I had taken extra measures to be all dolled up for grandma was now a soggy, orange mess . I was devastated that a simple road trip could turn in to such a chaotic chain of events.

Fast forward and 20 years later, I recognized the same problem I encountered still existed. Being a busy mom for the past 20 years had hindered my ability to solve this problem. Now that I have some time for myself I embarked on a journey to produce a solution to keep our young ones safe, clean and comfortable while traveling. In addition to using My Lap Box in the car seat I realized the versatility of using it in the stroller and highchair as well. It was then that My Lap Box was created.


Why My Lap Box?

This travel companion saves time, money, hassle, and promotes a child’s independence. The concept is simple. The child packs what he or she wishes to take along for their trip. My Lap Box fits securely around the child’s waist (when seated) and prevents items from falling while keeping everything within child’s reach. No need for the parent to keep picking up items. Any potential mess is contained within My Lap Box by simply placing the lid back on top until it can be cleaned up at the parent’s convenience. Worries about what to do with the mess when you arrive at your destination are resolved. Snacks are kept separate and safe from becoming a costly mess that is thrown out.


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There has to be a way to make traveling and going to places such as a store, doctor’s office, or just everyday errands with your child much easier. You as the parent have to remember to bring the child’s items and do not forget keeping them content while you are driving. What if the child […]

Meal Time Use

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My Lap Box keeps child’s lap and floor nice and clean.

Stroller Use

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My Lap Box keeps child’s items within arms reach

Car Seat Use

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My Lap Box keeps the interior of the car nice and clean.