Q. Are there any small parts or sharp edges that can endanger my child?

A. No, there are no small removable parts and the box is soft plastic with rounded edges.

Q. Is the material that My Lap Box is made from safe to place food into?

A. Yes, the molded plastic is BPA free and safe to place food or beverages into.

Q. Will My Lap Box safely contain any spilled liquids?

A. Absolutely! My Lap Box was design engineered for this specific purpose.

Q. Is My Lap Box made from a recyclable material?

A. Yes, My Lap Box is made from materials called ABS and Polypropylene. These materials are fully recyclable and reduces the impact on society, on finances, and on the environment.

Q. Is My Lap Box size adjustable?

A. Yes, the width can be adjusted from 10.5 inches to 13 inches.

Q. Can my child use My Lap Box while they are in a stroller?

A. Yes, My Lap Box was design engineered to fit properly in a car seat, stroller, and in most cases a high chair as well.

Q. Is the strap that is shipped with My Lap Box adjustable?

A. Yes, the strap can be adjusted to accommodate the sizing around a child’s waist.

Q. Are the drawers removable?

A. No, the drawers are firmly secured to ensure the safety of the user.