The initial purpose of car seats, strollers, and even high chairs was to promote a child’s safety concerns. However, a solution to help keep these areas clean and at the same time promoting independence for the child has to some degree been overlooked. My Lap Box was created to offer a solution to catch articles that may fall and contain any mess that may accidentally be created. Therefore, a parent’s solution to making traveling by car or shopping at a mall, a more pleasurable experience, can now be achieved with the use of My Lap Box.

My Lap Box was founded and created by a husband and wife team that possesses humble beginnings, which include their childhoods, service to country, and careers.

The wife, founder of My Lap Box, was the second born child and first born daughter of six children whose immigrant father instilled in her a valuable work ethic. Her father initially took a position as a factory worker and then later on began his own small general contracting business. Her mother, being a stay at home Mom had sought creative ways to make ends meet by taking on part-time work. It was at this stage in her life that the co-creator of My Lap Box began to realize her passion for children when it became clear that her assistance was needed to help raise and foster her siblings so that their parents could earn enough income to raise a family of eight.

The husband, co-founder of My Lap Box, was raised by a father, who after serving his country in the USMC, was a dedicated factory worker who worked for the same employer for 30 plus years. His mother was a stay at home Mom who did on occasion work part-time jobs to help the family afford a better life. Those values of dedication and a good work ethic helped inspire the co-creator of My Lap Box to serve his country in the USMC as well. He began his 15 year career at a petroleum fuel company starting out as a fuel delivery truck driver and later acquiring a position in central operations that included shift work. The one thing that was learned during his career with this company is that the success of a business is built on the success it helps others achieve.

After learning that the husband’s job was being relocated to an area that made it impractical to follow, his wife had an inspiring idea. Although her children had grown up, her undying passion of wanting to help children never diminished. That is when the idea to create My Lap Box was born. Together the husband and wife team designed, engineered, and market a product that will help parents teach their children independence and responsibility.